Loop animation

Under a loop animation category falls every walk cycle, simple expression animation, pagedoll etc.

Price: $20 - $80

Non-loop animation

Non-loop animation is an animation where the loop is interrupted by one action

Price: $25 - $85

Animation meme

All memes are at least flat colored. No sketches and linearts here, until for aesthetics reasons (for example the wolf meme)

Simple/Looping memes

Price: $30 - $60

More complicated

Price: $50 - $80


Price: $70 - $100


Black & white sketchy storyboards, with optional important colors. Mostly static with arrows pointing motion.

Price: $30 per 30 seconds


Picture Music Videos with static or tweened images. May be lineart, flat colored or full shaded.

Price: from $40 to $60 per 30 seconds

Using my art

  • I don’t agree on using, tracing, reposting my work until I give permission.

  • You can’t edit my artwork without permission.

  • You can’t use commissioned work for profit, until stated otherwise beforehand.

  • You can’t use my art or characters in RPGs, only artwork commissioned by you.

  • You can’t heavily reference or trace my art. Referencing is fine, just be respectful.

  • If you don’t want me to upload the commission on my social media, tell me beforehead. Otherwise the right to do so stays as default.

  • you can't use my art for NFTs

Accepting payment

  • I prefer payment in USD but can accept other currencies

  • I usually take 100% payment before starting commission. Split option is available, then you should pay 50% of payment before starting and the rest after accepting sketch.


  • Complex characters with many accessories or very complicated markings cost 30% extra of the total.

  • Massive wings cost 20% of the total.

  • I take $5-$10 fee for a rush (deadline in 1-7 days)

  • Working with character description instead of ref sheet costs 10% extra.

During the process

  • I have the right to refuse a commission. It's a rare occasion, but it’s either because I’m too busy, it’s too complicated or it’s a subject I’m uncomfortable working with.

  • I won’t start commission if I don’t receive payment.

  • I sent W.I.Ps after every step for you to approve.

  • I won’t do changes after the step was accepted (for example I won’t change pose when I’m already doing lineart).

  • If you order NSFW work, you have to show some kind of ID to confirm you’re above 18 years old.

  • Average TAT is 2 months


  • I give full refunds only when the work didn’t start. After this I give partial refunds only for steps that I didn’t start. Until the step wasn’t accepted by you, I’ll change things as you’d like.

  • If you cancel the commission at any stage, you may keep and use the artwork I partially did

I will draw:

  • Any kind of furry creature

  • Any kind of feral creature

  • Edgy

  • Gore

  • Any kind of cute uwu stuff is also fine

I might draw:

  • NSFW (you have to be 18+ of course)

  • Kinks / fetishes (here's link to my f-list)

  • Problematic themes (way of portraying things matters there)

I won't draw:

  • Mecha

  • Creatures with human / human-like face

Requirements for ref sheets

  • Must be flat colored or cel shaded. Working with shaded reference sheet is problematic, even if it has palette.

  • May be SFW or NSFW.

  • At least one fullbody preferred.

  • Please make sure that you have good quality image saved.

  • Personality descriptions or a short bio (for example on toyhou.se) helps a lot.


  • Designs made by me may be changed as much as you like.

  • You may resell, trade or gift them.

  • Credit me at least the first time you use the design or when you reupload the image you bought it with. After then it’s not required.


I'm not obligated to tell anyone why they ended up on the blacklist, as well as I don't condone harassing listed individuals. By ending up on blacklist you won't be able to buy anything from me, as well as I'll refuse to make art of your characters if anyone orders it for you as a gift.

What will make you added to the blacklist

  • trying to order NSFW from me while being a minor

  • bidding on my auctions and then deleting your bids

  • not respecting my ToS

  • being rude and disrespectful

  • other private stuff that result in me not wanting to do anything with you


  • ahnestrasz

  • Pasek / Pasia

  • Radioactivemint

  • Salai/FakeMessiah

  • Chatonkun

  • Meryiel / SuccSuccubus

  • moonka352 / kajamnik

  • cyberd0gma / SKOWYCZE / SK0WYCZ / MAG0087ART

  • Salem / circuzcat

  • bleachwaffle

  • Riley Ellis / RileyEllis87 / Krinklefry87

  • spronk / sugarsprink

  • PHD / AcuteExposure / biology